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Manila Apartments for Rent: Accommodation Alternative to similar Hotels in Manila

Travel to Manila and make this exciting and comfortable choice for accommodation.

Many travelers are seeking to blend into the local culture of a new destination choose to rent an apartment or house because these are often located in residential neighborhoods.

Being based there, instead of a hotel in a more touristy area of town, allows you to shop in the neighborhood stores, hang out in the local cafes and get to know your neighbors.

Consider that an  apartment for rent in Manila  can provide an inviting, unique atmosphere, complete privacy, tastefully furnished rooms, a place to kick back besides just your bed, and a fully equipped kitchen.

More over, all this can be at your fingertips for a lower cost and without waiting in line.

You have more space, more privacy and more money in your pocket when you choose a vacation rental in Manila rather than a hotel by having access to your own kitchen, separate living and sleeping areas, access to the common pool, gym, reception areas within the residential towers, while laundry facilities are on the site (for a small cost, but nothing compared to what hotels charge for the service).

And you can have all these in a secure and safe environment with 24/7 on duty security and CCTV monitoring of public areas.

It is a known fact across the industry worldwide that a rental apartment offers you up to 25% more square footage at a price 30% lower than comparable hotel rates in the same area.

Vacation rentals in the Philippines are an economical, practical option for families and large groups who would otherwise have to pay for more than one hotel room.

Sharing a house lets you strike a compromise between togetherness and privacy; you can enjoy family meals together in the communal kitchen, but you'll also have enough space for everyone to come and go as they please.

Parents will appreciate not having to get the kids dressed to go down to breakfast in a hotel restaurant -- in your own kitchen, PJ's are perfectly acceptable!

With just a simple visit to the grocery store nearby, one can prepare an inexpensive breakfast or dinner and enjoy it in the comfort of your own settings – this for sure will further your savings for the trip

For business travelers the choice is just as obvious if not more as they often return regularly to the same location.

What's more, they come to work and don't have time to wait in long lines for a redundant check-in/check out process each time they come.

After a long day of work there's little better than coming home to, well, a home.

Never mind all the restaurant food. Unwind on the sofa, make a snack in your private kitchen, in an apartment rent Manila you can feel right at home. 

Slow travel is often kinder to your budget as well. 

Staying in one place for a week or more at a time reduces your transportation costs, and condo rentals in Manila are often more cost-efficient than hotels since they allow you to cook your own food instead of eating out for every meal. 

One thing to keep in mind: while the pace of slow travel may be leisurely and laid-back, getting up close and personal with a new culture is much more challenging than just breezing through the major tourist sites. Part of the reward of slow travel is overcoming language barriers, differences in customs and other potential stumbling blocks to make connections with the new people you meet.

Traveling more slowly allows you to form a stronger connection to the place you're visiting, and you'll feel much less rushed.

With a "slow" itinerary, you won't experience the stress of attempting to knock out every site in your guidebook. Instead, you'll stay in one place long enough to recognize your neighbors, shop in the local markets and pick a favorite coffeehouse.

Few societies move as quickly as Westerners do, so slowing down in other countries not only allows you to escape your own stressful day-to-day life but also to slip naturally into the pace of another culture.

Vacation apartments in Manila are a better fit than similar hotels for:

  •         Families or those traveling in a group.  It’s a great way to get the space you need and can be very cost-effective in one of our self catering apartments in Manila
  •          Long-term travelers planning to spend more than 3 days in the location.
  •          Those who plan to spend lots of time in the space and wish to have all the comforts of home.
  •          Travelers who prefer to immerse themselves in the culture by living like locals and among neighbors.
  •          Foodies who like to cook and want to prepare meals in. This can also save money on eating out.
  •          Folks that know people in the area they are traveling to or simply want to make new friends
  •          Independent travelers that don’t need assistance and are comfortable going it alone with no help .
  •         Those who want the convenience of doing laundry easily on their trip.

Next time you travel to the Philippines skip the hotel, and settle into a great condo rental in Manila.

Choosing from our great Manila serviced apartments over the similar lodging alternatives in the area is easy once you get to know the facts. 

It is cheaper, more private, more spacious, and more flexible than any comparable hotel alternative.

As well it holds more people, comes fully equipped and serviced with furnishings, appliances, and amenities, something you won't find in other Manila hotels. 

Avoid the crowds and enjoy travel to the Philippines the way it was meant to be.